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“Hello everyone, thank you so much for being here. I know you came out on very little notice and I appreciate it tremendously.

My name is Park Cannon. I’m a long time Old Fourth Ward resident, a Georgia native, a lifelong Democrat, and a women’s healthcare advocate.

Today, it’s time to add a new title to that list: Candidate for Georgia House District 58 in the special election to replace Representative Simone Bell.

I was born just down the road in Albany. My Dad was a retired Marine and a Vietnam veteran. My mother was a pharmaceutical rep and stayed at home to raise to my older brother and I. I was the super active kid who took karate every day and later Dance, Step and Cross-Country.

I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and I’ve spent the last couple of years working in Black Women’s Wellness at the Feminist Women’s Health Center.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Representative Bell the last few years at the clinic, and when Simone accepted a new position at Lambda Legal, she asked me if I would run for her seat. It was a no brainer because we share a profound love for people and advocacy, so I know this is an opportunity to realize my lifelong dream of helping people through policymaking.

I’m running for this seat because I represent what is lacking at the Capitol. Women are dramatically underrepresented. We make up 54% of the state’s population and only 18% of the elected officials. And, the statistics involving African-American women are even worse. I have locked hair and I identify as queer. I grew up in a single parent household that was shaped by domestic violence. I was lucky enough to end up in a multi-generational home. I grew up with celebrities’ kids and kids who went home to no lights. I was even homeless for a semester in college. I think that Where you come from and what you have seen along the way matters. To that end, there is not ONE District 58 – there is a rainbow of experiences and needs. There is not ONE Georgia – there is a sea of working families and small businesses that need a voice.

As our next State Representative I want to make sure the changes at Turner Field are good for our families and our neighborhoods. I will fight to make sure the growth in the Old Fourth Ward is balanced, smart and neighborhood approved. I will fight every day to make sure we add more good jobs to our neighborhoods and I will continue to be a strong ally to our kids’ schools.

We will have many opportunities to discuss our joint visions on how to make District 58 the single best place in Georgia between now and January 19th.   For today, thank you so much for coming out and supporting our announcement, and God bless.

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