We are deeply grateful for your support!

We are ecstatic for this historical win for Park Cannon.

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5 Comments on "PARK CANNON WINS!"

  • dianed says


  • Steve Valk says

    Congratulations, Park!

    We met you at Joe Binns and Missy Mullinax’s place recently. Looking forward to having you represent me under the dome.

    Steve and Sara Valk

  • Jay Camire says

    So proud of you!

  • Dear Park
    We are thrilled with your victory. It was a great joy for all of us to vote for you again yesterday. Now we can will continue to pray for you Every day as you go into the Lions Den on Washington Street.
    God bless you every step of the way.
    Murphy Davis.

  • Peter Cobb says

    Congratulations Park. My wife and I live in your district (Virginia Highlands). We were impressed by the way your presented yourself prior to the election yesterday.

    Not sure when you will be seated, but on a legislative note. You are doubtless aware that House Bill 859 (the “campus carry” legislation) was passed out of House Public Safety Committee without the opportunity for considered public input. I am a member of Outcry which is a group of religious leaders from various faith traditions who are working on behalf of sensible gun legislation and an end to gun violence. We support existing legislation and believe the passage of HB 859 will have a chilling effect on students, faculty, administration and campus safety officers on college and university campuses. We invite your support for our position.

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