Reflecting on June

The month of June brought us many things to be thankful for. I had a wonderful 25th birthday, and would like to thank everyone who gave me their best wishes. I’m looking forward to serving you for the next few birthdays!

However, June also brought a tragic reminder that the fight for LGBT rights is far from over. In response to the tragic loss of life in Orlando, Florida, I joined with other House Democrats in offering our condolences to the friends and families of the victims. Read the full press release here:

“Make no mistake, the LGBT community is under attack, even within ‘safe spaces.’ There are many steps we need to take to lessen the occurrence of mass shootings, and I hope that Georgia continues on the path of instilling gun safety on our state.” – Rep. Park Cannon

In happier news, I received an honor from the New Leaders Council, which is an incredible nation-wide organization bringing together progressive political entrepreneurs []. I also traveled to Denver, CO with Senator Nan Orrock to attend the WiLL/WAND Women Leaders Communications Training conference. Learn more about WiLL/WAND at:

Finally, we met on June 29th for another “Policy with Park!” We gathered at the Metropolitan Library in Capitol View with chips and cupcakes to discuss the state budget. Big thanks to everyone who came out – and congrats again to the team that won Jeopardy, “Team 1!” (coming in close second, “The Firm,” and third, “58 is Great”). 

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