July Update!

WOW! July was an incredible month. In addition to all the fantastic work we were doing at home in District 58, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel across the country to meet more passionate, intelligent, hardworking people who have dedicated themselves to pushing a progressive agenda for America.

Firstly, on July 27th, I had the incredible chance to speak onstage at the 2016 Democratic National Convention! I can’t describe how thrilling it was to address all of the delegates, representatives, and supporters in the crowd – especially about how important it is to trust black women and other people of color as we push to have their experiences recognized in the political process. We as progressives need to UNITE, and embracing our diversity helps us to do so!


But there was plenty of other news to be shared. On July 1st, all laws from the 2016 Georgia Legislative Session went into effect. This session, the citizens of Georgia had to face some of the most serious issues of our day. We celebrated major victories over the Religious Freedom and Campus Carry bills, but there’s still so much more to be proud of. To name a few – SB 193 brought stricter penalties against repeat domestic abuse offenders; HB 725 provided greater confidentiality regarding individuals’ child abuse records; and the bill I co-sponsored, HB 1129, the McPherson Implementing Local Revedelopment Authority Act! There’s so much more to look over, so click here to see Georgia’s own press release.

Towards the middle of the month, I traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the Public Leadership Institute and work with other progressives in developing a comprehensive, multi-state progressive agenda, which you can read more about here. The Public Leadership Institute is a fantastic nonprofit that seeks to raise awareness about issues of equity and justice. They are well worth checking out and supporting!

We also organized several meetups with our neighbors around District 58. On July 4th, we met with our constituents to discuss their hopes and concerns for the community. And on July 30th, we had our first “Let’s Chat” workshop event at the Metropolitan Public Library! The theme was “Combating HIV and AIDS together,” and we applied design-thinking to these health issues facing our community. We’re looking forward to having many more similar events at the Metropolitan Library, who have been so good to us in offering their spaces!

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